PerfectDisk SMARTPlacementTM

This is the default defragmentation algorithm for entire drive defragmentation in PerfectDisk. SMARTPlacement is a patented algorithm of Raxco Software and is used for the best placement of files on your disk to minimize refragmentation. Files are organized by their creation and modified dates. The theory is that files that have not changed recently are less likely to change in the future. These older files are grouped together so that once PerfectDisk has SMARTPlaced them, future defragmentation passes are less likely to move them again. This shortens the amount of time needed to keep the drive at peak performance. Also the free space is consolidated next to the newer files since these are more likely to change or be deleted. Consolidating the free space makes the creation of new files contiguous and therefore minimizes refragmentation of your drive.


§        defragments all your files, consolidates free space, and optimizes the drive according to file usage.

§        provides the most complete defragmentation possible, and slows down refragmentation of your drive.

§        may still leave small blocks of free space between files if the PerfectDisk engine determines this would take too much time for a minimal performance gain.

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