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PerfectRegistry is a Registry maintenance program used to tune-up your Registry. A more organized and error-free Registry can have a big impact on the system's performance. PerfectRegistry is designed to clean up your Registry of all invalid and obsolete entries that accumulate with regular usage, in a very smart and effective manner.

Why does the Registry need optimization?

The Registry is the Windows database that contains all the information regarding the applications installed on the system including the operating system settings. The Registry is comprised of keys and values. Each key can have many sub-keys and each sub-key can also have many sub-keys. The structure is hierarchical which is similar to the directories that exist on a system. Values are the actual information stored in each key and sub-key. Obsolete and unwanted Registry entries start filling the Registry during regular system usage. Many times a new application will be installed and then uninstalled later, leaving remnants behind. While the files are deleted, a blank Registry entry may still be reflected. These invalid and out-of-use entries fill the Registry, making it larger and thus adversely affecting system access and response times. The result is an overall deterioration in system performance.

The Registry also addresses the issue of fragmentation. Random deletions and un-installs leave empty blocks in the Registry and these blank entries can hamper the smooth functioning of Windows possibly resulting in application crashes, system slowdown, unwanted prompts, system hangs, and under-performance.

How can PerfectRegistry help?

The Windows built-in tool is called Registry Editor. Before using this complicated tool, it is recommended to be highly registry knowledgeable as any changes or deletions done without having a complete understanding of the Registry can be very dangerous for your system.

PerfectRegistry is a less cumbersome more technically advanced software used to bring out the best of your system which may become worn out over time. PerfectRegistry promises practical performance improvements without deception.

What can PerfectRegistry do?

  • Optimize the Registry in the smartest and simplest way.

  • Repair and clean the Registry of unwanted and invalid Registry entries.

  • Defrag and optimize the system Registry.

  • Fix problems and create an error-free Registry.

  • Slow system of unwanted application or system crashes and hang-ups.

  • Prevent the frequency at which unwanted prompts appear.

  • Improve system response time.

  • Speed up system performance.

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